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04-06 GTO Front/Rear Arrowheads Emblem Kit

04-06 GTO Front/Rear Arrowheads Emblem Kit
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Manufacturer: GTOG8TA
Price: $79.00
Product ID : LMP2201K
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2004-2006 Pontiac GTO Front and Rear Arrowhead Emblems Kit.

Don't pay $300+ at the dealer for this combo ever again!

These are two beautiful reproduction pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Choose your style bezel from OE silver, chrome or black. The red lucite shines as bright as ever! All emblems now have black star in the middle. This helps prevent fading.


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Reviewed by nb_sandoval
nb_sandoval bought "04-06 GTO Front/Rear Arrowheads Emblem Kit" on our website
12/10/2018 - 11:01:59 PM
Great shipping and handling, possible defect?
Ordered this set (OE Silver) back in the middle of 2017 and got it delivered immediately with the ease and speed of a race horse who learned how to strap rockets on its back.

After installing it on my GTO, I loved how it looked and couldn't wait to show it off to to my uninterested family and friends with a glee.

A few months down the line, I noticed that the red in the emblem itself seemed to be fading. I figured that it must've been the speed at which I traveled to and from my daughter's music lessons while blaring her favorite mix of Alan Jackson, Metallica, and Vivaldi.

About a month ago, I noticed that there was water that had seeped into the emblem itself and pooled near the bottom of the arrow. Because of who I am as a person, I didn't attempt to do anything with it or try to contact customer service about this.

The emblem now has a mix of silver and red that makes it look kind of unique and I've had many comments on it. (i.e. " looks like you need to replace them soon. Why are you showing me this? If you applied yourself in life, like you do this car you'd be doing great things...")

Overall, would buy from them again and I'm sure it was just my particular purchase that this happened to. Always browsing my next big purchase with my Tax Return on
Reviewed by wordsandsuits
09/22/2022 - 08:01:25 AM
Just buy them
If you are here looking for badges just buy them. This is the best if not only reproduction you will find. Previous owner put some flat ebay ones. These are 3D and thick with dimensions like the original. Super easy to apply. My car feels better. Definitely felt 30 butt dyno hrsprs.
Reviewed by ZadeGTO
ZadeGTO bought "04-06 GTO Front/Rear Arrowheads Emblem Kit" on our website
05/19/2015 - 02:32:00 PM
Great quality and great customer service!
I ordered a set of black on red emblems for my GTO. First off, the shipping speed was lightning quick, I received them within 2 days of my order. When I received them I noticed a small defect in the front emblem, I e-mailed Eric and he was quick to get another front emblem out to me which I received just as quick if not quicker than the original order. The new emblem was flawless and I love the look of the updated emblems on my Goat!

On a Torrid Red car you can't beat the black and red aesthetic. I'd buy these again in a heartbeat!