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With over 30 years of supplying classic Pontiac parts and services to Pontiac enthusiasts, our goal has not changed. Performance Years has been a leading supplier of restoration parts for your classic muscle car.  

In 2013 we decided to devote some of our energy and resources to the Late Great Model Pontiac parts.  So in 2015, Performance Years, transferred all it's retail Classic Pontiac customer base to Ames Performance Engineering out of NH to focus more on the remaining Performance Years wholesale brands. Thus Max Performance was formed. is a division of Max Performance, your automotive wholesale specialists.

We now offer parts for 93-02 Firebird's & Trans Am's, 04-06 GTO's and 08-09 G8's. You've trusted us with your classic Pontiac.   Now we want to help keep the Pontiac name alive and kicking with the last of the Pontiac bloodline......And we're not just another auto parts retailer. is investing considerable resources in developing EXCLUSIVE products for these Pontiacs that have never been attempted before.    

We heard your calling for late model parts. We're here for you. Let us know what we can do to further serve you and these great cars!



Regular Hours (EST): Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm