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Holden Commodore VE

Holden Commodore VE
Want to make your Pontiac look like it's Austrailian counterpart? We have you covered with some genuine Holden parts from Commodore VE series for your Pontiac G8.
"Comodore" Rear Trunk Badge Emblem
Product ID : LMH2315
08-09 G8 Holden Lion AT Shift Knob Black
Product ID : LMH1305
08-09 G8 Holden Lion AT Shift Knob Red
Product ID : LMH1306
08-09 G8 Holden Lion Rear Trunk Badge
Product ID : LMH2303
08-09 G8 Holden Lion Wheel Center Cap
Product ID : LMH6005
08-09 G8 MT Shift Knob and Boot Red Hot
Product ID : LMG1307
G8 Holden "SS" Rear Door Emblem LH
Product ID : LMH2310
G8 Holden "SS" Rear Door Emblem RH
Product ID : LMH2311
G8 SS Holden Rear Window Roof Spoiler
Product ID : LMH2375
G8 SS Replicast Melbourne 20" Gunmetal Wheels Set
Product ID : LMG6027A
G8 SS Replicast Melbourne 20" Silver Wheels Set
Product ID : LMG6027
G8 SS Replicast Sydney 20" Wheels Set
Product ID : LMG6025
G8 SS Tinted Window Deflectors
Product ID : LMG2550
G8 Ute Holden Lion Front Grille Badge
Product ID : LMH2205
G8 UTE Holden Lion Rear Tailgate Badge
Product ID : LMH2304
Holden G8 Ute V Series Rear Emblem Badge
Product ID : LMH2320
Holden SSV Trunk Emblem Badge
Product ID : LMH2313
Holden V8 6.0 Litre Badge Emblem
Product ID : LMH2305